f you enjoy playing games, doing things, making things, winning badges and hearing Bible stories with other boys and girls, Campaigners, our uniformed youth organisation is for you.

Campaigners was founded in 1922. It is Church-based and has thousands of members world-wide.

Campaigners is a youth organisation for today's young people. Many are looking for excitement, adventure and fulfilment. They are keen to learn new skills, develop their interests, make friends and above all, enjoy a good time. Campaigners provide young people of all ages with a weekly action-packed, fast moving programme, specifically to meet their physical, mental and spiritual development.

Using trained leaders, we take an interest in every child. The activities and awards are tailored for all ages, and the skills, knowledge and discipline help young people to know the value of a good, healthy and active life. There is an award and badge programme to develop individual skills.

Three groups operate in the Church:

  • EAGLES (age 4 - 6) - introduction to Campaigners with a relaxed playground atmosphere. Activities include craft, Bible stories and "step" awards.
  • JUNOS (age 6 - 10) - a lively programme of games and activities. Basic skills for everyday life are taught and proficiency badges are awarded.
  • GIRL INTERS (age 10 - 13) - there are opportunities for service in the community and the Church. In addition, they are encouraged to develop outdoor activities.